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Through this charitable arm of our company, lives have been changed and continue to be impacted in a powerful and positive way. Our mission, therefore, is to impact the less fortunate of the world in an intimate, positive and meaningful way.

The Foundation was organized in 1999 under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and made its first grants in 2000. We currently organize our grant-making around the following set of programs which are based on their direct relevance to our mission and on our historic competencies.

Our Local Community: There are two ways we positively impact our local community:

1. Through our Pay It Forward Program, we offer a "hand up" to single moms in the local community who have experienced setbacks by comprehensively rebuilding margin back into their lives.
2. The employees of The Marena Group, one of our donors, continue to be one of our most vital links to the local community. Many of them find opportunities during the year for us to assist individuals in need.

For every bra sold during October, Marena will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society