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Feel Better, Look Better and Play Better
Marena's exclusive patented fabric is designed to take care of your body
Doctor Recommended
Made in U.S.A.
Constant Innovation
Fabric Innovation Inside
Power Stretch
Our garments 4-Way Stretch™ move with you to provide consistent, comfortable medical-grade compression.
Better For Skin
Our fabric is free of most common irritants.
Superior Softness
Our patented fabric is crafted from premium yarns that are incredibly soft against the body for long-term comfort.
Fabric Innovation Outside
Moisture Control
Our fabric naturally cooling and moisture wicking to help you stay cool and dry.
Our exclusive, patented fabric means our garments are durable, retain their shape, stay in place, and do not run.
Sun Protection
We protect the body against the sun’s harmful rays with UPF 50 rated sun protection.
See The Science
Medical-grade compression has been shown to
Help Reduce Pain, Minimize Bruising and Soften Skin
With Compression
Without Compression
  • Help Reduce Pain
  • Help Improve Comfort and Support
  • Help Reduce Edema (Fluid Build-Up)
  • Help Reduce Bruising
Clinical Studies show patients prefer Marena® over leading competitors.
Our ComfortWear® compression garments embody an entirely new textile science and were developed specifically for post-operative, athletic and shapewear applications. Our testing data is provided by independent textile laboratories for unbiased results.
Marena's patented ComfortWeave® fabric structure outperforms and outlasts leading competitors in clinical test and is preferred by 8 out of 10 patients.
"Marena's scientific breakthrough is the absolute latest in 'cutting-edge' technology, using today's state-of-the-art fibers, textile machinery and knitting design."
- Mark Lazarus, Textile Knitting Engineer
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Marena's Patented Fabric
Our exclusive, patented fabric has been designed for optimal comfort. Engineered with three dimensional stretch, our garments provide medical-grade compression to help patients heal in comfort and confidence.
Our Process
How a caring heart drives passion for the healing experience
Founder Vera Watkins Shares How Marena Started
Marena was born from an Olympians desire to heal faster and better and my desire to help others. Sewn passionately by me in the garage of my North Atlanta home, I discovered the amazing healing properties of comfortable targeted compression while collaborating with health professionals. Marena, named for our Children Mark and Lena, has become the global leader in medical grade compression.

Marena was initially founded with the business model to re-sell compression products already available in the market. As a business owner, I could control my future and be able to take time for the important events in life while providing a high-quality product. Shortly after launch, I discovered that most fabrics used for compression were not comfortable and many of the styles were not constructed with comfort in mind. I will never consciously sell or produce something that I know is not comfortable or not the best it can be, so we re-evaluated our business model.
Within one year, we secured the required sewing and cutting equipment to produce garments with both comfort, and function in mind. Then in only two years, Marena had our first version of our revolutionary and proprietary fabric developed, which revolutionized comfort in compression. When combined with our proprietary pattern making and fit, we knew we had something special: a product that performed better than the industry. Our customers would feel better. Best of all, we developed the patented fabric and set up production right here in the USA.
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Marena Recovery
Feel Better
Marena Recovery is designed in collaboration with medical professionals to apply science where you need it and promote healing in comfort. We add the right details for every procedure and offer the perfect recovery garment for each stage of healing.
Marena Shape
Look Better
Marena Shape celebrates your body with high performance shapewear that comfortably shapes and supports your body. Our designs stay in place, feel cool and move with you all day.
Marena Sport
Play Better
Marena Sport brings competitive-level compression to the perfect workout or weekend styles. Your joints and muscles will feel the difference from our comfortable design that supports and protects, so you can play longer and better.
Marena Group is rated 4.6/5 based on 396 reviews.