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To preserve the special qualities of your garment and its patented ComfortWeave® fabric, please follow these no-hassle laundering instructions while washing only with like colors:


  Marena ComfortWeave® fabric is made of 51% TACTEL® Nylon and 49% SOFT LYCRA®

and is formaldehyde-free, silicone-free and latex-free.

 Tip: Order two garments for hygiene and optimal comfort.


For maximum wearing time, which promotes optimal healing conditions, you should have a second garment to wear while the other is being washed.



How do I return or exchange a garment?

Please view our returns and exchange policy here, along with our Return Label here


Are Marena products latex-, silicone- and formaldehyde-free?

Yes, Marena products are free from common skin irritants. Marena uses LYCRA®, a synthetic elastic fiber. We do not use latex which is a natural, rubber-based compound that has been shown to cause allergic reactions.  We also refrain from using any materials that may contain silicone or formaldehyde.


How do I measure?

You’ll need a tape measure and a friend. In order to obtain the best-fitting garment, resist the urge to flex, adjust your posture, or suck in your stomach. It is best to be measured in thin layers of clothing. If measuring for a bra, do not wear one that is padded or contains under-wire, since this may alter the measurements. If you have to take your own measurements, try to do so standing sideways towards a mirror in order to see that the tape measure is level. The tape measure should not dig into the skin and should not be loose or slide down.  Please see our key points for sizing here.

My garment feels uncomfortable, what should I do?

Immediatly take the garment off.  If you ordered your garment from Marena, please verify the measurements that you used to select your size, and give us a call at 888-462-7362.  If you received the garment from your doctor, please call them to verify you have a correctly sized garment.


How do I put on a post-operative compression girdle?

First, make sure your skin is free from any lotions or perfumes, since garments that smell of such may not be returned. Next, wear form-fitting underwear under the Marena garment until you confirm that the garment is the correct size. Then, open the garment completely and make sure the sizing label is in the back, on the inside of the garment. While sitting, place both legs through the openings and gently work the garment up your body, making sure the groin area is aligned. It’s important to be extra careful and mindful of your fingernails while putting on your compression garment to avoid damaging the fabric. Once the garment is around your hips, adjust the position of the inseam so it runs down the inside of your legs. Next, while fastening the hooks and eyes, alternate between the left and right side to ensure the garment is even on the body. When pulling to close the hooks and eyes, be sure to use your fingertips, not your nails. Once the hooks and eyes are completely closed, you’re ready to zip each side of the garment. Some girdles may not have zippers.

I’m having my surgery done in another country, can I order from Marena?

We are only allowed to ship to the greater United States of America. If you reside outside the U.S., please find the distributor closest to you by clicking here.  


I received my first garment from my surgeon, can I order additional from Marena?

Yes, you may want to check with your surgeon first to see if they are able to offer you a discount by reordering through them. Also, if your current garment feels loose, you should re-measure without the garment on to make sure you order the best size. We recommend purchasing two garments, one to wear and one to wash.

Can I make adjustments (cut) my garment?

Yes, the patented fabric structure prevents the fabric from unraveling or ‘running’ if cut. Please note that a garment cannot be returned once altered. 


Can I order a custom-sized garment?

Yes, an up-charge fee of 50% will be applied and returns are not allowed on custom garments. Learn more about our custom garments here.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders placed before 3p.m. EST will ship the same day (unless the order contains more than 10 items) and the courier can take from 1-5 business days in transit, depending on the option you select.

What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd stage?

First stage garments have zippers and/or hook-and-eye closures and they are usually worn from 1-3 weeks following your procedure. Our second stage garments are zipper-less or without hook-and-eye and usually worn right after your first stage garment, between 3-8 weeks following your procedure. Both stages will have accessible crotch openings and both stages provide the same level of compression.  

What are the benefits of wearing a Marena post-operative, medical-grade compression garment?

All Marena garments are engineered to provide 17-20 mmHg to ensure lymphatic stimulation and skin tightening. In general terms, you recover faster, and feel and look better. Sizing is key to ensure the garment performs so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.  

How do I wash my garment?

To make sure the garment retains its elastic properties, follow the below instructions. For further instructions see garment care here

  1. Hand wash in cool or cold water using mild detergent. To minimize bloodstains, wash as soon as possible. A pre-soaking solution of a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a gallon of water may help remove blood stains.
  2. Line or air dry. Do not dry clean.
  3. Do not use bleach, stain removers or fabric softener - these may harm the stretch and moisture handling properties of this fabric.


Why can’t I simply use the garments I already own, like my favorite intimate wear or some of my exercise garments?

Store-bought garments will not provide the required amount of compression needed to promote skin tightness, smoothness and healing.  Each Marena garment style is designed to provide targeted compression levels with specific features that make it more comfortable than standard, store-bought garments.  


How do I know what garment style to choose?

Normally, your physician will recommend a style based on the type of surgery you have chosen. The physician has the final decision, but we can guide you to the best options based on your procedure if your doctor didn’t recommend one.

How long will I have to wear my post-operative garment after surgery?

Talk to your physician for a recommendation. Many physicians worldwide prescribe compression garments for a period of several months. After a month or so, you may feel completely recovered, but remember, the hard work of healing is going on beneath the surface of the skin, where you can't see it. Also, if your Marena garment feels loose after a few weeks, it is most likely due to the decrease in your size, not the garment losing its shape, and another one will be needed. 


Should I measure myself before or after my liposuction procedure in order to size myself for my garment?

In most cases, our recommendation is that you use pre-operative measurements. If you are having a high-volume liposuction or a body-lift, your doctor will guide you as post-operative measurements may be required.

Can I purchase Marena’s compression garments from a local store?

At this time Marena is sold only on-line, through medical professionals and medical facilities.


How long will my Marena garment last?

Using proper care, your Marena garment should provide the correct fit and pressure for the normally prescribed usage period. Marena garments have been shown to last twice as long as any other competitive compression garment on the market under normal usage and care. Remember that as your swelling goes down, you may need a smaller garment due to your size reduction, not the garment losing its compressive power.

For every bra sold during October, Marena will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society