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Because EveryBody is Different...

Marena now offers garments specifically designed for your unique body measurements! These Made-to-Measure Garments apply the exact recommended compression at all body sections to provide you with optimum results.


Garment manufacturers design their garments based on standard size charts, which are determined from average measurements of thousands of people. However, every human physique is unique, and in some cases, your physical measurements may not match those of standard size charts. For example, your waist measurement may be M, your hip may be XL and your thigh measurements may be M. In this case, regular compression garments may not give you your ideal results that you are looking for, whether it is for medical recovery, shaping or improved sport performances.


Marena's Made-to-Measure program has combined our patented fabric and clinically proven garment design with the latest sizing technology. Using proprietary sizing software, Marena can scientifically ensure proper compression levels to match your unique body shape while maintaining maximum comfort. You can now take advantage of the only compression garment that is preferred by 8 out of 10 patients and have it designed with ONLY you in mind.


  • No more fitting issues!
  • Exact recommended compression on all body sections.
  • Superior medical, shaping or sports performance results.

Simply email us at Orders@marenagroup.com with Made-to-Measure as the subject and we will send you the needed documentation to ensure we produce a garment to fit you as desired.

Join Us To Fight Breast Cancer

For every bra sold during the month of October, Marena will commit $5 to fight breast cancer with donations to the American Cancer Society and Turning Point.

Wear One, wash one.

We make it easy to use Marena every day and buy a second garment! Get $20 off for orders over $200 with code EveryDay, and get free shipping!
Cannot be combined with other offers.
For every bra sold during October, Marena will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society