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The science of comfort is in your hands, the most comfortable and effective compression garment available!

What to expect: Everyone experiences the feeling of compression differently but in general, compression should not be the cause of pain. Your garment should fit snug, but should be able to slip a finger under the fabric. The seams are sewn on the outside of the garment for comfort. Give us a call if you have any questions.

How to put on garments covering the mid-and lower body:

  • Make sure the size label is on the inside of the garment, in the back.
  • Open zipper(s) and/or all of the hooks (applicable).
  • Place your feet into the leg openings and gently pull the garment up your legs as if you were putting on pantyhose (be careful with sharp fingernails).
  • Align crotch opening as you pull the garment up (if applicable).
  • Close the hooks one by one and zip up the zipper until the garment is fully in place (if applicable).
  • If the garment has shoulder straps, slide onto each arm and adjust them for best fit.

For styles covering the chest and/or arms:

  • Make sure the size label is on the inside of the garment, in the back.
  • With the bra/vest completely open, gently lift the torso of the patient while supporting their head and side each arm into the arm holes/sleeves.
  • Close the hooks/zipper/VELCRO®. The middle row is usually the best fit for hook-and-eye closures.
  • The shoulder straps, if applicable, may be adjusted as needed.

For styles covering the face or part of the face:

  • Place the patient's chin in the chin cup (located with the vertical seam).
  • Close the Velcro® over the head about 2" behind the forehead.
  • Close the 2nd Velcro closure behind the neck.
For every bra sold during October, Marena will donate $5 to the American Cancer Society