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Compression Shapewear

Must-Have Compression Apparel for Travel

A curated collection of the best shapewear & compression apparel for travel on the planet. Our compression shapewear is designed to keep you comfortable during travel and looking great when you arrive.

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Three Inseam Lengths


Find the perfect fit on the best compression shapewear with our petite, regular and tall inseam lengths, available on many of our most popular Marena Shape bodysuits.

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Never-fail compression shapewear for every part of your life.

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Comfortable for
Work, Play or Travel

Marena’s medical grade compression shapewear helps improve:

  • Posture
  • Circulation
  • Skin Tone
  • Muscle & Joint Support

The Power of Compression

  • Foundation Power

    Wear what you love and feel amazing! Our premium branded fibers and high stretch content powerfully shape your body almost invisibly.

  • Sleek Physique

    Improves posture, confidence, and even the way you walk, empowering you with an all-over sleeker physique.

  • Keeps You Cool And Dry

    COOLMAX-rated moisture control with a Three-Dimensional warp knit construction pulls moisture away from the body keeping you cooler and dryer.

  • Travel In Comfort

    The constant massaging qualities of Marena compression shapewear help support healthy circulation while traveling.

Shape Science

Keeps you cooler, all day long

Cool Sensation (Higher is Better)

Marena Shape
Leading USA Shapewear Brand
Leading Women’s Athleisure Brand
Leading Women’s Membership Activewear Brand
Leading Women’s Canadian Yoga/Activewear Brand
Leading Women’s UK Activewear Brand

Source: Independent laboratory results, details provided upon request

Class-leading Compression

Power (Force (N)) at 30% Stretch (Higher is Better)

Marena Shape
Leading USA Shapewear Brand
Leading Women’s Athleisure Brand
Leading Women’s Membership Activewear Brand
Leading Women’s Canadian Yoga/Activewear Brand
Leading Women’s UK Activewear Brand

Source: Independent laboratory results, details provided upon request

Customer Stories

VA-03 Compression Bodysuit

I wish I had known about Marena products sooner! I love the fabric; not hot like I thought it would be! Also, it is a nice fit with the bra and buttocks shape. Thank you, Marena for easing my mind that my stomach will get the help it needs!

Tricia S.
Strut Legxurious Leggings

At first, I thought it wasn't going to fit me because it looked very small. But, once I squeezed into it, it didn't feel small! I mean, it compressed in all the right places! I have been looking for a shaper like this for YEARS! This garment is amazing because I don’t need to wear a bra with it. The fabric is thick and durable! It isn't see-through at all, and the seams don't feel like they are going to bust open! This is a fantastic body shaper! This will forever be my go-to cosplay bodysuit from now on.

Stephanie S.
VA-01 Compression Bodysuit

Great product! I have had it for over a year now and it still looks and compresses beautifully!

Flo M.
ME-621 Compression Leggings

I bought this last December for postpartum shaping and it works. So happy with this purchase!

Riva C.

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