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Marena Sport helps fight off muscle cramps and reduce that "heavy" feeling in your muscles during your workout, so you can perform at a higher level. Wearing compression garments during exercise holds your muscles in the ideal position and significantly reduces muscle impact and vibration, allowing greater efficiency.

The Power of Compression

  • Reduces Soreness

    Marena Sport garments provide medical-grade compression to stimulate the lymphatic system, pulling more toxins and waste away from muscles and connective tissues allowing them to heal faster.

  • Reduced Impact Force

    Marena Sport garments maintain specific compression levels to provide a 27% reduction of impact force. We are able to do this comfortably and almost invisibly.

  • Keeps You Cool And Dry

    COOLMAX-rated moisture control with a Three-Dimensional warp knit construction pulls moisture away from the body keeping you cooler and dryer.

  • Antibacterial

    Treated with SILVADUR™ to permanently inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Clinical Support

Due to the specific compression levels of Marena Sport, it is classified by the FDA as a Class 1 medical compression product and provides comparable compression levels to the specimens used in these studies. These studies build on the existing understanding of exercise compression.

Evaluation Of A Lower-Body Compression Garment (2003)


Journal of Sports Sciences, 2003, 21, 601–610


The aims of this study were to determine how custom-fit compression shorts affect athletic performance and to examine the mechanical properties of the shorts. Ten male and 10 female track athletes on a university’s nationally competitive track team, specializing in sprint or jump events, participated in the study. Testing utilized the compression shorts with loose-fitting gym shorts as the control garment. Several significant effects were revealed for the custom-fit compressive garment. Although 60m sprint time was not affected, hip flexion angle was reduced. Skin temperature increased more and at a faster rate during a warm-up protocol. Muscle oscillation was decreased during vertical jump landing. Countermovement vertical jump height increased when the participants were wearing the custom-fit compression garment. In materials testing, the elasticity of the compressive garment provides increased flexion and extension torque at the end range of extension and flexion, respectively, and may assist the hamstrings in controlling the leg at the end of the swing phase in sprinting. The compressive garment significantly reduced impact force by 27% compared with American football pants alone. Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and a reduction in injuries.


Wearing custom-fit compressive shorts did not change sprinting speed over 60 m; however, it may have an effect over longer distances, such as 100–400 m, but this needs to be determined experimentally. It is clear that wearing the custom-fit compression garment improves warm-up in terms of skin temperature attained and increases vertical jump height. Muscle oscillation on landing from a jump is considerably reduced and this may have benefit in terms of reduced tissue injury and enhanced performance with repeat jumps. The tight fit and elastic nature of the Antibody garment results in a considerable torque being generated about the hip joint at the flexion and extension ranges of motion encountered during sprinting. This may have a performance enhancement and injury reduction role by assisting the muscles in generating torque. In particular, this may assist the hamstrings in limiting hip flexion at the end of the swing phase, a time that is particularly risky for hamstring injuries. In addition, the material used in the custom-fit compression garment is capable of attenuating impact forces and this may have some benefit when worn during contact sports.

Compression Garments And Recovery From Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage: A Meta-Analysis (2013)

Jessica Hill, Glyn Howatson, Ken van Someren, Jonathan Leeder, Charles Pedlar (2013).

British Journal of Sports Medicine, Published Online First: June 11, 2013 as 10.1136/bjsports-2013-092456


This study sought to determine the effects of compression garments on recovery following damaging exercise. A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted using studies that evaluated the efficacy of compression garments on measures of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), muscular strength, muscular power and creatine kinase (CK). Studies were extracted from a literature search of online databases. Data were extracted from 12 studies, where variables were measured at baseline and at 24 or 48 or 72 hours post exercise. Analysis of the data indicated that the use of compression garments had a moderate effect in reducing the severity of DOMS. These results indicate that compression garments are effective in enhancing recovery from muscle damage.


The use of compression garments appears to reduce the severity of DOMS, accelerate the recovery of muscle function and attenuate the concentration of CK following strenuous exercise. These findings indicate that wearing a compression garment may improve recovery following intense training and competition; this has implications for both elite athletes and recreational populations.

Do Compression Garments Enhance The Active Recovery Process After High-Intensity Running?

(2011) Dale I. Lovell, Dale G. Mason, Elias M. Delphinus, and Christopher P. McLellan (2011).

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 25(12): 3264-3268, 2011


This study examined the effect of wearing waist-to-ankle compression garments on active recovery after moderate- and high-intensity submaximal treadmill running. Twenty-five male semi-professional rugby league players performed two 30-minute treadmill runs comprising of six 5-minute stages at 6 km/h, 10 km/h, approximately 85% VO(2)max, 6 km/h as a recovery stage followed by approximately 85% VO(2)max and 6 km/h wearing either compression garments or regular running shorts in a randomized counterbalanced order with each person acting as his own control. All stages were followed by 30 seconds of rest during which a blood sample was collected to determine blood pH and blood lactate concentration. Expired gases and heart rate were measured during the submaximal treadmill tests to determine metabolic variables with the average of the last 2 minutes used for data analysis. The results of this study indicate that the wearing of compression garments may augment the active recovery process in reducing blood lactate concentration and heart rate after high-intensity exercise but not effect blood pH.


The ability to reduce blood lactate concentration and heart rate has important consequences for many sports that are intermittent in nature and consist of repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise interspersed with periods of low-intensity exercise or recovery. Reductions in blood lactate and heart rate during active recovery may assist in the recovery of an athlete in the preparation for their next bout of high-intensity exercise. Coaches and athletes associated with sports that involve high-intensity intermittent exercise may use compression garments to assist in their recovery process and therefore improve subsequent performance.

Effect Of Compression Garments On Short-Term Recovery Of Repeated Sprint And 3-Km Running Performance In Rugby Union Players. (2012)

Michael J. Hamlin, Carla J. Mitchell, Felila D. Ward, Nick Draper, Jeremy P. Shearman, and Nicholas E. Kimber (2012).

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 26(11)/2975–2982, 2012


The aim of this study was to investigate whether wearing compression garments during recovery improved subsequent repeated sprint and 3-km run performance. In a randomized single-blind crossover study, 22 well-trained male rugby union players were given a full–leg length compressive garment or a similar-looking noncompressive placebo to wear continuously for 24 hours after performing a series of circuits developed to simulate a rugby game. After the 24-hour recovery, garments were removed and a 40-m repeated sprint test (10 sprints at 30-second intervals), followed 10 minutes later by a 3-km run, was completed. One week later, the groups were reversed and testing repeated.


Relative to the placebo, wearing the compressive garment decreased time to complete the 3 km run. Additionally, average sprint times improved and fatigue was diminished during the repeated sprint test in the compression group compared with the placebo group. Delayed onset muscle soreness was substantially lower in the compression group compared with the placebo group, 48 hours after testing. When worn for a 24-hour period after initial fatiguing exercise, compression garments are likely to improve subsequent performance variables that are important for well-trained rugby players.

Bringing Light Into The Dark: Effects Of Compression Clothing On Performance And Recovery. (2013)

Dennis-Peter Born, Billy Sperlich, and Hans-Christer Holmberg (2013).

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 2013, 8, 4-18.


This study used computer-based literature research to assess the existing research on the application of compression clothing on sport performance and recovery. Studies examining the effect of compression clothing on endurance, strength and power, motor control, and physiological, psychological, and biomechanical parameters during or after exercise were included that addresses the effect of the application of compression clothing on sport examined the effects of compression.


The article concluded that there are beneficial effects of compression clothing, especially during intermittent high-intensity exercise such as repeated sprinting and jumping, rather than during submaximal endurance exercise. Furthermore, the benefits of compression clothing seem to be most pronounced when it is applied for recovery purposes 12 to 48 hours after significant amounts of muscle-damage-inducing exercise. If compression clothing is worn for recovery purposes 12 to 48 hours after exercise, we conclude small or moderate effects for recovery after maximal strength and power, particularly vertical-jump exercise; reductions in muscle swelling and perceived muscle pain; and blood lactate removal. Large effects are evident for increased body temperature.

Customer Stories

I discovered Athletics8 gear over two years ago, and have worn their tights to literally every obstacle race since. My race schedule includes about a race every other weekend from February to October, so the fact that they've held up so well says a lot about the durability of the fabric. They're also the perfect thickness; I can wear them when it's 40 degrees out, or when it's 80 and they actually help keep me cool once wet. Plus, they're amazing for recovery! I even wear them on airplanes to promote blood flow during flying and travel.

Lindsay Webster, Pro Athlete
2015 OCR World Champion
2016 Spartan Race Series Champion
Elite 2.0 Compression Pants with Drawstring

I love racing and recovering in A8 tights" their compression is better than any other I've tried and the fabric is the perfect thickness for durability, comfort and heat management.

Ryan Atkins, Pro Athlete
2015 BattleFrog champion, 2013/14/15 WTM champion, 2014/15 2nd place Spartan World Champion, 2014/15 2nd place OCRWC. OCR, running and outdoor athlete.
Women's Compression Shorts with Contouring Lines

During the Olympics every little detail counts. Less than one second can make the difference between being in the big final or not. I was lucky that I had on my bag my recovery gear, so after each race and every second I had I was wearing it. Our semifinal was the hardest race I ever did, but we achieved the big final and was the coolest thing I ever did! Obviously I was exhausted, feeling so heavy!! Wearing the recovery gear was the first thing I did after my shower, I even slept with it! Thanks marenagroup for helping me in doing the best races I could ever imagine in the Olympics!

Anna Boada
Spanish Olympic Rower
6th place, Rio Olympics

I've taken all of my Athletics8 gear through some of the most intense training sessions and races. From multiple 30 mile rucks with a 50lb pack to a 53 mile trail race where I won my age group being the only one in it that could finish the full 50 miles. Your compression gear helped bring me through the toughest 2 day challenge of my life when I was able to run the 2014 Vermont Spartan Beast Race and the 2014 Vermont Spartan Ultra Beast Race on back to back days. There were over 10,000 athletes registered to run in Vermont and only around 30 of us could finish both days.

Sean Clayton, Athlete and Certified Trainer
Elite 2.0 Compression Pants with Drawstring

The amount of stretch that is possible with Athletics8 compression gear, while still providing a super tight, yet comfortable fit is unlike any other brand I have worn. Putting them on or removing them is a breeze. I remember in the past having some very frustrating moments of trying to get other gear around my ankles because it just didn't stretch enough. Not only is it easy to wear, it is thicker and more durable than other brands. My legs have never been happier.

Stephen Sinek, The Painted Warrior
Elite 2.0 Arm Sleeves - Unisex

With so much gear to choose from, I always go to my Athletics8 on race day. There is just something about the smoothness, the color, the feel, the stretch, the texture, the comfort, the cooling effect it seems to have on my muscles. I’ll take it all. My confidence builds as I pull up my arm sleeves. During the race the comfort of the gear sustains me. The pants don’t stretch out the way so much of my other gear does. I’m not water logged after jumping through a pit of mud, water and ice. I am able to run fast, crawl when I need to crawl, jump when I need to jump, climb ladders and swim as if I were weightless. The brightness of the teal colors lets me easily spot myself as well as my teammates in race pictures. Once I tried on Athletics8 gear I was hooked. Just like never looking back on the course, I seemed to never look back on any other kind of race attire.

Kelli Tillquist, Athlete
Elite 2.0 Compression Pants with Drawstring

Athletics8 compression is a paradox in itself- it’s almost as thick and protective as a wetsuit, and yet feels almost non-existent when I’m working out in it, allowing me to run freely and lift heavy without worrying about being affected by water, cold, or mud.

Vaibhav Bhat, Athlete

I am a 40-year-old married father with a 10-year-old son. I became a personal trainer in 2012 after a year info my personal fitness journey. Shortly after, I discovered the sport of obstacle course racing in March 2013. I recognized the value of Marena’s compression while competing in over 85 races, including 5 Spartan Ultra-Beasts, 5 Battlefrog BFX events (including a 3rd place finish in March in Atlanta with a torn bicep). Many events are over two days and I know that without wearing Marena Sport during the race and then sleeping in them that night, I would not have felt strong and refreshed like I did on the second day. Marena Sport is the ultimate endurance enhancing gear.

Kenneth "The Hulk" Terrell
Personal Trainer, OCR Competitor

After being told at age 18 that I'd "never run again and need a double knee replacement by 30" I have now run over 60 races in 4 years with podium finishes at nearly half my events. Marena Sport has been a key part of my recovery process as well as supporting my body during competitions. A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine on earth and Marena Sport is a key part of my training regimen.

Beverly Provost
Fibromyalgia patient, Athlete, Model, Coach.
2013 superhero scramble 2nd place national champion
2016 spring catamount games female champion
Editorial contributor for the "expert opinion" section in Oxygen magazine and LoseStubbornFat.com

I had orthoscopic hip surgery earlier this year and I selected Marena Sport shorts and pants to specifically stabilize my hips. I was able to compete at the Obstacle Course World Championships and also the World's Toughest Mudder, completing 50 miles. My hips stayed stable and I didn’t incur any injuries. I cannot even feel the gear when I’m wearing it and I highly recommend it.

Obstacle Course Racer

As an athletic trainer, we're educated upon the benefits of compression: as an athlete, I've tried countless brands in search of tights that actually perform as well as they claim. When I came across Marena Sport about eight months ago, I knew I'd found my brand; whether I'm flying to or from a race, running an OCR from 3-50+ miles, or speeding up my recovery between events, they're my go-to. They've held up beautifully over two dozen races this year, and show hardly any wear and tear. Their customer service has been beyond incredible, fielding every comment and concern and using them to continue the evolution of their products.

Stephanie Huntsman
Athletic Trainer, Flying Trapeze Instructor, avid Obstacle Course Racer

I have been wearing Marena gear for the past 3 years for all my training and competitions. Whether I am training for a competition in powerlifting, running an OCR, kickboxing or doing CrossFit, Marena is my "go-to" gear. No compression gear has helped my muscles maximize their strength during training or recover for my next session as well as Marena. I have tried many brands and while they may say compression, none of them can beat the compression you will get from this gear!

Valerie Smith
Holder of 10 powerlifting records for Georgia State;
United States Powerlifting Association, USA Powerlifting, Southern Powerlifting Federation

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