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Patented Compression to Boost Performance

Marena Sport helps fight off muscle cramps and reduce that "heavy" feeling in your muscles during your run, so you can perform at a higher level. Compression garments hold your muscles in the ideal position and significantly reduce muscle impact and vibration, allowing greater efficiency.

Keep your muscles feeling fresh

Studies show that compression garments can help reduce muscle fatigue by supporting active muscles and fibers during exercise so you can perform better.

Shop Women’s 216 Shorts

Improve Endurance

The more a muscle moves or shakes during exercise, the more energy it consumes. A compression garment holds the muscle in place and decreases muscle oscillation, reducing fatigue so you can run farther and faster.

Shop Men’s 605 Shorts

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Shop All Men’s Running

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Shop All Women’s Running

Compression for the Competitive Cycle




Best Compression in the Market

I've tried adidas, nike, and under armour compression gear, but none of them come with the durability and comfort of Marena Sport...


Shop 105 | Women’s Racer Back Tank


I've been testing, training and racing in several different brands of pants/capris for 3 years in OCR. These were put to the test in a 36 hour race in Wales (think torrential downpours and burpees in the sea) and then at the Spartan Worlds Championship Race in Tahoe. I never cramped and the fabric dried very quickly, which helped my core body temp rise a lot quicker than some of my fellow racers. The fabric is 100% quality!

SGX Coach Kim

Shop 206 | Women’s Compression Leggings with Contouring Lines

Great breathing room!

I've owned a couple pairs of under armor and Nike compression shorts that have begun to unravel at the seams. These 605 seem perfect in comparison, providing distributed compression throughout the entire length while allowing ample space in the front. Perfect functionality, just not to be worn alone!

James Liu

Shop 605 | Elite 2.0 Compression Shorts

A Must on Race day!

I absolutely love wearing my Compression tank on race day when doing an OCR. It gives me the feel of running shirtless since it clings to my skin, yet still gives my body protection from the cuts and scrapes that happen in OCR especially during obstacles like over/under and barbed wire.

Ryan Pesanka

Shop 505 | Elite Compression Tank

Holds up on the field, holds up in the wash.

Our patented fabric retains its compression after repeated washing better than the competition.

The Power of Compression

Reduces Soreness

Marena Sport garments provide medical-grade compression to stimulate the lymphatic system, pulling more toxins and waste away from muscles and connective tissues allowing them to heal faster.

Reduced Impact Force

Marena Sport garments maintain specific compression levels to provide a 27% reduction of impact force. We are able to do this comfortably and almost invisibly.

Keeps You Cool And Dry

COOLMAX-rated moisture control with a three-dimensional warp knit construction pulls moisture away from the body keeping you cooler and dryer.


Treated with SILVADUR™ to permanently inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Customer Stories

Compression Sports Bra, Style No. 104

This is seriously the best sports bra out there! The fit is great, the fabric feels wonderful, it doesn't move around when your exercising, and it keeps the girls in place! It also looks fantastic on and I love the cross back!

Susan L.
Compression Pants, Style No. 226

I am IN LOVE with these pants for recovery but also for long cold weather runs.

Camille M.
Compression Pants, Style No. 230

I live in these pants!! They are the absolute BEST for workouts AND recovery!

Susan W.
Compression Sports Bra, Style No. 100ZP

This sports bra is great! I thought the zipper would chafe of irritate me, but I was pleasantly surprised! It's super comfortable, super supportive, and doesn't dig in under my lats!

Sarah W.

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